Utilizing die cast technology, we offer die cast components and parts to many industries

Utilizing die cast technology, we offer die cast components and parts to many industries

About Us

Autologic Industries is working in a specialized field of die casting metal components within closer tolerance for several industrial sectors. The establishment is based in Delhi (India). The professional Manufacturer and Supplier is specialized in Pressure Die Casting Parts, Die Casting Parts, Aluminum Die Casting Parts, Alloy Pressure Die Casting Parts, High Pressure Die Casting Parts etc. Apart from that, we provide Pressure Die Casting Job work, Pressure Die Casting Parts Job work, Die Casting Parts job work services. To cater specific component requirements of our clients, we have the facility and know-how to manufacture customized pressure die casting.

Our expertise and knowledge gained over the years allow us to produce aluminum parts and components that give clients quality and satisfaction. Our company relies on its people and their flexible and professional approach to meet client needs and requirements.  Our professionals have the expertise of die casting, which few possess.

Aluminum Alloy Characteristics

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Non toxic, non magnetic & non sparking
  • Good conductor of heat and electricity
  • Easily worked using most machining methods
  • Complex, integral shapes

What We Offer?

Our company has requisite resources, workforce and talent to produce the complete range with precision, given below:

  • Pressure Die Casting Parts
  • Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Gravity Die Casting Parts
  • Alloy Pressure Die Casting Parts
  • High Pressure Die Casting Parts
  • CNC Turning Die Casting Components Parts
  • VMC Machined Die Casting Components Parts
  • Customized Pressure Die Casting Parts

These components produced by us have good corrosion resistance, high dimensional stability and thermal & electrical conductivity.

Quality- Our Priority

We believe that quality is more than just the dimensional accuracy of components needed by the clients. It is also about meeting conditions, timely deliveries, transparency in business operations, and flexible adaptation to changing market and client requirements. Our experience, technical expertise, latest equipment and die casting process enabled us to provide high finish quality components with required dimensions.

Our Facility

To efficiently execute the die casting process, we have developed a plant certified by ISO 9001:2008 standard. The unit has die casting machine, which comprises injection unit, die assembly and clamping unit. The complete process of die casting, from clamping, injection, cooling, ejection to trimming are conducted in-house by our professionals. In die casting, non-ferrous alloys are used and we are specialized in making components of aluminum. The metal procured from certified sources is melted in the furnace. The melted metal is injected into dies in cold chamber machine. When the molten material cools down and solidifies, it becomes casting- the final component. The components can be developed in different shapes, and size.

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